Ekta Cosmetics Limited (ECL) was founded by Ravi Mittal with a vision to be a force to reckon with in the beauty and cosmetic industry by bringing to India the most prestigious brands and world class training to help our make-up and cosmetics professionals become global stars. Having introduced two high profile brands in a short span, ECL is surely on course with its aspirations.

In 2006, ECL introduced the leading Dutch brand 'Make-Up Studio'. The speciality of this make-up brand, which is hugely popular in over 50 countries, is a large range, infinite colour palette and multipurpose usage of its products. The brand has become an instant hit with professional make-up artists across the country.

In 2011, ECL introduced the leading Spanish brand 'Skeyndor'. Meaning 'golden skin' in Spanish, it is known for its revolutionary products and is among the top fifteen cosmetic brands in the world. Skeyndor offers over 200 products for a variety of skin care needs, used extensively in spas, salons and homes in over 45 countries.

At ECL, we don't just sell products, we create an experience. An experience that is enriched with quality, knowledge and innovations. We are here to help improve the skill and expertise of the professionals in the cosmetic industry. So, we continuously conduct seminars and training sessions all across India. We have also created a state-of-the-art training facility at New Delhi, where leading national and international trainers provide extensive training to clients. Our quarterly newsletters, designed to update the knowledge of our customers with latest trends and techniques, has been greatly appreciated.